DEMO DDA Zelda 814
Lot Number:814
Start Time:11/5/2021 5:00:00 AM
End Time:11/5/2021 4:31:34 PM
Bid Count:1
Winning Bidder:1****1
Starting Bid:$1,600.00
Bid Increment:$50.00
Current Bid:$1,600.00
Bidding complete

All heifers selling were exposed to a the following bulls between 7/30/19 and 9/25/19 (Bull / Reg.):

177U .......................... 19171254
88U ............................ 19171281
77U............................. 19041484
30U ............................ 19000286

Class:Bred Heifer
Reg #:16878522
Tag / Tattoo:814
Sire:HYLAND BC 0668 # +

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Payment Options

Method 1 Pay full purchase price. This will allow your bull or bulls to be delivered fall of 2020 or spring of 2021. Wintering charges will apply if you decide to have Diamond D Angus winter your bulls. If you want to have your bull or bulls delivered fall of 2020 you will have the option of buying insurance or not. If you would like Diamond D Angus to winter your bull or bulls insurance will be required. Details of our wintering policy are outlined underneath that subhead which appears on this page..

Method 2 You will be required to pay a nonrefundable 50% of purchase price on your bull or bulls. The balance owed, including wintering charges will be required at time of delivery. Insurance will be required. Wintering is outlined beneath that subhead on this page. Delivery charges will be the same as fall delivery

Volume Discount Diamond D Angus offers a $100 discount off third bull purchased, and $100 off for each additional bull purchased by a single buyer. 

Hauling Discount $50.00 discount if you haul within one week of the sale.

Wintering Arrangements Your bulls may be wintered at Diamond D Angus until the end of April at the cost of $2.50 per head/per day, payable upon delivery or pick up.

Delivery FREE DELIVERY on bulls to central points within 500-mile radius from Diamond D Angus. Beyond 500-mile radius, to central points at cost of 18 cents per mile per bull anywhere in the continental USA. Purchaser assumes cost of shipping on females, at a cost of 18 cents per mile per head from Diamond D Angus anywhere in the continental United States.

Canadian Delivery COVID will not effect cattle moving into Canada. Cattle will be delivered via Sweet Grass or Beyond Port. Diamond D Angus will pay half the cost of the health papers on animals sold into Canada.

Lot Numbers Ear tags and freeze brands will correspond with numbers in catalog.

2/3 Interest & Full Possession Diamond D Angus is retaining one-third revenue sharing semen interest on every bull selling in this sale. Full possession and full salvage value sells on all bulls. Diamond D Angus will contact the new owner if they would like to collect semen and it will be done at the new owner’s convenience, and Diamond D Angus’ expense.

Herd Health The bulls have a complete vaccination record, and they will be fertility tested and guaranteed sound by Dr. Robert P. Lee, (406) 466-5333 Double Arrow Vet Clinic, Choteau, MT. All females selling have been pregnancy tested by DDA via blood testing

United States